Artist's Statement...

"Color in motion on a canvas" is the phrase I use to describe my paintings. "Everything in this universe is in process of becoming more than it is. My art seeks to embody the process philosophies of Alfred North Whitehead and Teilhard de Chardin. Evolution has only scarcely begun."

Well-known in New England, New York and Florida, Singer paints in a style that reminds us of Van Gogh, yet with a difference. His brush strokes are directional, swirling, forming a pattern that brings order out of chaos. The completed painting is dizzying, (like "Starry Night") and yet serene. His coloration is vivid, yet soft, pleasing, reassuring.

In Florida, Singer's works hang in prestigious galleries in Naples, Palm Beach, Sarasota, and Tampa. Singer's original oils (never reproduced) grace many collections, both public and private.

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